Jacob Named A Young Entrepreneur Program Mentor

In January 2019 Jacob Stein, Founder of Dollar Donations, became a mentor for the Sarasota Boys and Girls Club Perlman Price Young Entrepreneurs (PYE) program. 

The PYE program incorporates internationally recognized curriculum with practical business exposure from leaders in the entrepreneurial field. The program focuses on developing the entrepreneurial mindset through mentorship and community engagement. Through the course of the program students develop a written and visual business plan and compete for start-up funds from local investors. 

Caroline Windham congratulates Jacob Stein on winning PYE seed money.

Jacob was a Fall 2018 PYE seed money recipient. “I really got a lot out of the PYE program. It’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurial teens to learn more about how to start a business, from coming up with your idea to executing a business plan,” shared Jacob. “I wanted to be a PYE mentor to help other young entrepreneurs and to also continue learning from them. I am so appreciative that my community has the PYE program and for all of the support Caroline Windham, who heads up the program, provides me and all of the participants.”

As our world continues to change, it is important to equip our youth with the skills to adapt and create long-lasting employment. Entrepreneurial education is the best avenue to develop critical thinking, leadership and financial literacy skills. An entrepreneurial mindset improves student’s education performance and career opportunities. A study conducted by Harvard Graduate School of Education found that high schools students who participated in a 50+ hour entrepreneurial program showed increased interest in furthering education and career ambitions.

Jacob has put the skills he learned at PYE to work, running Dollar Donations, the 501 (c) (3) he started with the seed money he won. Now, he hopes to pay it forward by mentoring each week at PYE.

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