Today There’s a New Way to Make Change – Visit was launched today as an online grassroots platform to power change. “We empower small-dollar donors to change the world by giving as little or as much as they can,” shared founder Jacob Stein.

Dollar Donations is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that brings together small dollar donors from across the nation and around the world to unite their collective power to bring change. 

Currently, Dollar Donations is raising money to benefit JDRF to support their much-needed, ongoing work to find a cure for type one diabetes.

Jacob was inspired to start Dollar Donations when his big sister was diagnosed with type one diabetes. He watched his parents donate to JDRF, but as a young person he didn’t have a lot of money to give. But, what if lots of people gave a little? He instantly recognized that could lead to big change. 

He wanted to create a platform where young donors or those who don’t have a lot to give can still help drive change. Working together using the Dollar Donations platform, Jacob is hoping that one day soon no one will have to suffer from this life-threatening 24/7 disease.

What about you? Do you have as little as $1 you can spare to help find a cure for type one diabetes? Become a Dollar Donations change maker! Give today at

Visit the Dollar Donations Facebook page and like us, then share it with your connections.

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