Dollar Donations a NFTE World Series of Innovation Global Finalist!

NFTE’s World Series of Innovation is a global, online competition that invites young people (ages 13-24) to submit innovative ideas that address some of the biggest challenges facing humanity today and help advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Tens of thousands of young people, representing 63 countries and 48 states across the U.S. registered to compete in the World Series of Innovation in fall 2019. Entries were due December 2019 with the first round of judging commencing in January 2020. The top ten teams (or individuals) in each category completed their submissions for the final round of competition in February 2020, then the final round judging panels selected one winner and two runners up in March 2020.

Young innovators from across the globe enter the competition every fall and compete for cash prizes. Young people can compete solo or invite friends to join them and compete in small teams. Some teams are independent, some are affiliated with schools or youth development organizations, and some undertake a challenge as a guided classroom project. I entered Dollar Donations into the competition as a solo entry.

A BIG congratulations to the well-deserving winner Trisha Prabhu! A current Harvard University student, she developed her impressive anti-cyber-bullying app named ReThink in 2016 and has been growing it since then. She has been featured on Shark Tank and WebMD. I am honored and thrilled to be in such impressive company.

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