For far too long, K-12 schools have been the breeding grounds for sexual harassment and assault that is then perpetuated on college campuses and in the workplace. K-12 sexual harassment and assault are community problems that touch all our lives.

Your $1+ donation today at helps Stop Sexual Assault in Schools (SSAIS) keep K-12 students across the country safe by advocating for them and developing free educational materials for students, families, schools, and community organizations. Here’s a two-part video series SSAIS produced so you can see a sample of the important work SSAIS is doing:

SSAIS has been fighting for K-12 students’ rights since 2015. Everyone at SSAIS works as a volunteer – no one is paid. At Dollar Donations we also don’t get paid for our work. 100% of your donation goes directly to SSAIS. You can learn more about SSAIS here.

Please consider donating as little as $1 today to help SSAIS drive big change for K-12 students.

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