Your Dollars at Work: SSAIS Endorses New Bill to Keep K-12 Students Safe

On 9/9/20 Stop Sexual Assault in Schools (SSAIS) announced its support of a new bill that aims to provide accommodations for K-12 sexual harassment and assault survivors. This move is a direct response to the new TITLE IX rules that are regressive.

Please see below for more details about how your $1+ donation helps SSAIS continue its work to help keep K-12 students safe and provide equal access to education.

Rep. Grace Meng (Queens, NY) today introduced legislation (H.R. 8193) to increase oversight and support for victims of sexual harassment that occurs in K-12 schools and online. Stop Sexual Assault in Schools (SSAIS) is one of five national nonprofit advocacy organizations endorsing this bill.

This legislation counters Secretary of Education DeVos’s confusing and harmful final Title IX Rule by supporting sexual harassment survivors with needed counseling, mental health, and other health services. The bill also offers accommodations to protect victims’ safety and equal access to education. It further requires K-12 Title IX Coordinators to collect data through climate surveys on sexual harassment and directs the Department of Education to collect and publish data on the prevalence, impact, and response to reports of sexual harassment.

SSAIS helped draft the bill’s provisions. “Sexual harassment in K-12 schools is woefully underreported,” explains SSAIS Director of Programs Joel Levin, “and when students do come forward, their schools often ignore or discount their complaints. The Supporting Survivors of Sexual Harassment in Schools Act takes much needed action to ensure schools properly document the prevalence and impact of sexual harassment and protect students who report it.”

Visit the SSAIS Title IX Coordinators webpage to learn how K-12 Title IX administrators face the challenges presented by the new federal regulations and the Covid-19 pandemic.

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