SSAIS Announces New Free Resource for Students of Color

Dollar Donations’ nonprofit fundraising partner, Stop Sexual Assault in Schools (SSAIS) has published a new resource, Sexual Harassment and Students of Color, created by the National Women’s Law Center for SSAIS with content from Girls for Gender Equity. It’s packed full of helpful information, and it’s free. Much of the content comes from the NWLC ‘s 100 School Districts Toolkit and includes topics for discussion.  You can view this new resource on the SSAIS Toolkits page. It has also been admitted to the American Federation of Teachers’ Share My Lesson collection here, giving easy access to this crucial information to educators nationwide.

Inside this beneficial resource is information on how sexual harassment (and assault) affect students of color, why incidents go unreported, and very specific ways individuals and schools can help combat this systemic problem. Here are just some of the powerful statistics shared in this new, FREE resource for students and families, schools, and organizations:

Dollar Donations is honored to support the work of SSAIS to help keep K-12 students safe so they can receive an education free from the threat of sexual harassment and assault. Please consider chipping in at least $1 today to help fund the important work of SSAIS.

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