Why We Do What We Do

After my sister was diagnosed with type one diabetes, I saw first-hand how devastating this disease is. It requires 24/7 monitoring and multiple daily injections of insulin to survive. I wanted to help my sister, but I was only 13. I wasn’t sure what I could do on my own. That’s how Dollar Donations was created. I wanted to unite the power of one, enabling donors who don’t have a lot to give to still be able to make a difference. By combining our small-dollar donations, we can create big change!

Visit the Dollar Donations website or our Facebook page to donate today. We are a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit. Your dollars are changing the way change is made. Together we are helping drive necessary life-changing and life-saving technology developments and research to help find a cure for type one diabetes so that one day very soon we all live in a world of type none.

We will eventually add additional nonprofit partners, giving you the opportunity to do even more good with your fellow Dollar Donations change makers.