Your Dollars Help Fund Vital Rainforest Reforestation Efforts

See for yourself how your dollars are put to work to save the world’s rainforests. The Reforestation Alert video below features the community of Buen Jardín de Callaru in the Peruvian Amazon. With the aide of Rainforest Foundation US, they came together to fight illegal deforestation in their territory and restore what had been destroyed by illegal loggers and coca growers.


The film was produced by Rainforest Foundation US in partnership with the community of Buen Jardín de Callaru, the Organization of the Indigneous People of the Eastern Amazon (Organización Regional de los Pueblos Indígenas del Oriente, or ORPIO) and If Not Us, Then Who.  

Please donate $1 or more today to help fund the work Rainforest Foundation US is doing to protect our life-sustaining rainforests.

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